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There are a variety of hormonal differences between men and women, therefore, taking good care of one’s health vary by gender. Belle McCaleb from McCaleb Health Clinic dedicates time into looking for women’s naturopathic options. McCaleb Health Clinic offers women’s naturopath services, giving women patients’ access to natural, nutritional and herbal medication. She has been working as a women’s health specialist for over two decades and has advanced qualification in obstetrics, gynecology, and infertility. If you need advice on menstrual issues, peri-conception, fertility, pregnancy support, peri-menopause, and menopausal care, don’t hesitate to visit our clinic at 30 Craighill Road, at the corner of Purnana Avenue, St. Georges, SA. You may also send us an email at mccalebhealth@ihug.com.au or call us on 08 8379 0220 to schedule an appointment.

Specialty Care for Women with Women’s Naturopath Services

Different phases throughout a women’s life can trigger a variety of health issues. These phases include menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. More and more women are turning towards naturopathy options when it comes to addressing their health conditions. Naturopathy not only treats specific health care needs but naturopathic doctors also take the time to get to know their clients, aiming towards holistic treatment. McCaleb Health Clinic offers high quality women’s naturopath services that is dedicated towards supportive care for all patients. Here at McCaleb Health, we get to know our patients and set our initial consultations to no less than 90 minutes. This enables us to give the best, personalised strategies to treat hormonal related issues, such as, infertility, migraine, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), osteoporosis, sleep disturbances, weight issues, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Follow up consultations are no less than 30 minutes and are important in reinforcing the treatment strategies.

Specialised Women’s Health Advice from Women’s Naturopath Services

Belle McCaleb is highly qualified in providing women’s naturopath services. She is certified in reproductive endocrinology, is an infertility specialist nurse, and has a graduate diploma in Peri-Natal Nursing, this makes her an expert in caring for obstetrics and gynecology patients. Belle’s expertise in herbal medicine allows her to prepare individual and tailored herbal treatments. Her experience in the field proves that women’s health issues respond particularly well to herbal medicines. Belle’s expertise, affiliations, credentials, and experiences make her an expert in health advice for women. This allows her to provide treatments that not only address physical issues, but also improve and make changes to lifestyle and behaviour. This ensures women keep fit mentally, emotionally, psychologically, socially, and spiritually. She accomplishes this not only through customised herbal treatments, but also through psychotherapy, intensive counselling, yoga, and meditation, and by providing correct diet advice.

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If you are looking for women’s naturopath services, look no further! Transform your life today by booking a consultation with McCaleb Health Clinic, call us on 08 8379 0220 to schedule an appointment.

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