Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a passion of Belle McCaleb. As a medical herbalist qualified in Western Herbal Medicine and full member of the National Herbalists and Naturopaths Association of Australia, Belle is committed to this traditional approach to health and wellness. She maintains a large herbal dispensary of high quality Australian manufactured herbal extracts and tinctures. Unlike overseas herbal products, Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration regulation of Australian products provides assurance as to the quality of both raw product and manufacturing.

The beauty of herbs, particularly liquid extracts and tinctures, is the ability to custom blend medicines in order to address the health concern at hand. One’s needs may change and so too the herbs combined can change. The other dimension of herbal medicine is its broad and varied application. For example, many herbs prescribed for stress or adrenal fatigue are also excellent immune boosters. And we know stress and immune dysfunction go hand in hand. Nature is very wise.

Herbal medicine can treat many common health concerns. Common issues treated include women’s hormonal health issues, immune issues including cancer support & auto-immune conditions, poor sleep, stress, gastrointestinal issues, colds and flus – to name only a few. Herbal medicine is the original medicine. Traditional medicine is traditional because it works and science is finally catching up with this as more and more evidence base emerges for herbal medicines all over the world!

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