Health Assessment

A thorough natural health assessment includes your medical history, current general health, diet, exercise patterns and lifestyle as well as your mental, emotional and spiritual health status.  These parameters inform an individualised wellness plan and are an essential part of the holistic care Belle provides.  A thorough history is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a health assessment which is why Belle allows up to 60 minutes for an initial consultation.

Assessment of the physical aspect of your health may include specialised diagnostic testing may such as Genetic Profiling, Hair Mineral Analysis, Hormonal Profiling, Liver Detoxification Profiling, Digestive Function Profiling or other specialised laboratory tests. Belle can also order more standard pathology tests (those that a GP might order) through our local pathology services.  Because Belle looks at standard pathology test results with a “naturopathic eye,” she is keen to see optimal results rather than “normal range” or “average” results.  This means a more proactive approach to achieve optimal as opposed to “average” health.


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