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Cancer Support Naturopath Belle McCaleb recognises a diagnosis of cancer affects well-being on multiple levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As Master’s prepared counsellor, registered nurse, yoga therapist, accredited herbalist and cancer support naturopath – Belle McCaleb of McCaleb Health offers holistic cancer support which nurtures well-being with nutritional and herbal medicines, counselling and individualised yoga therapy for cancer recovery. These natural medicine approaches are of particular use in supporting patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. For example gastrointestinal integrity, immunity, stress coping ability and emotional stability can all be supported with a combination of nutritional and herbal medicine as well as gentle yoga and meditation. Following medical treatment these natural medicine approaches can also be of benefit particularly to support natural detoxification as well as physical, psychological and emotional recovery.

Following 30 year’s of experience as a registered nurse, Belle is very aware of the considerations required when prescribing natural medicines during medical treatment. Belle was the Consultant Naturopath and a counsellor for a local South Australian cancer support organisation for 7 years and is currently a Life Member. She has been in private practice specialising in cancer support since 2005.


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