Natural Cancer Support Services

Cancer is mentally and physically demanding and that’s why McCaleb Health clinic offers natural cancer support services. Our chief naturopath, Belle McCaleb is passionate about helping cancer patients go through the daunting and tough procedures of medication and recovery. She has years of experience with an extensive knowledge in nursing, naturopathy, herbal medicine, counselling, psychotherapy, yoga therapy, and meditation, allowing her to design holistic support programs for cancer patients. Her holistic approach allows her to heal her patient’s body, mind, and spirit. Book a consultation today and we’ll provide you with support and information that will help you through your treatment. Call us today at 08 8379 0220 and schedule an appointment.

Specialised and Natural Care for Cancer

At McCaleb Health clinic, we take our time to look into every patient’s condition in order to provide the best natural cancer support services we can offer. We discover their individuality and look into their backgrounds, needs, and conditions. We do so by setting a 90 minute initial consultation. This will allow us to gather the information we need in order to provide a personalised support program. It also allows Belle to provide a tailored herbal remedy, specific to each individual patient. This herbal medication coupled with proper nutritional advice will help the patient to physically cope with cancer treatments such as, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We also provide 30 minute follow up appointments where we can further reinforce the treatment with steps that help maintain psychological, emotional, and spiritual health. This includes thorough counselling and yoga meditation that are specially designed to address these conditions and the side effects of cancer medication.

Natural Cancer Support Services Helping You Keep a Sound Mind, Body, and Soul

Cope with cancer with our natural cancer support services. Visit McCaleb Health clinic at 30 Craighill Road on the corner of Purnana Ave., St. Georges, SA. We offer naturopathic options in keeping your body sound and fit while going through cancer treatment. Belle McCaleb, our principal naturopath, is also a registered nurse with wide experience in health care. She understands what is needed to align natural treatments with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Belle also provides a detailed letter to every cancer patient’s specialist, detailing the natural support program to ensure there are no conflicts between treatments. Belle’s warm personality allows her to connect with every patient and address all their psychological and spiritual worries through expert counselling and meditation.

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