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Mesothelioma is a rare and deadly cancer caused by exposure  to asbestos  which attacks its host’s lungs with ferocity. Around 1,000 Australians are diagnosed with the disease a year and the survival rate is staggeringly low.  Research has show that on average that patients diagnosed with it live between 4-11 months. Horrifyingly, the exposure to the asbestos is most often  due to the negligence of an employer or landlord who knowingly used products containing asbestos.  Firefighters, factory workers, auto-mechanics, and shipbuilders are all occupations that come with a higher risk of asbestos exposure.  Moreover the most common use of asbestos is by the military for insulation of building, vessels, and vehicles, making veterans the most common victims of Mesothelioma and asbestos related diseases.

 Early diagnosis  is vital in the prognosis and treatment options for patients due to the fact that often the cancer will come 20 to 50 years after the initial exposure to the asbestos.  If the disease is caught within its first and second stages treatment is available. However, if left till the later stages the cancer has most likely spread and the prognosis often grim.

 Early detection is key. If you or someone you know thinks they may have been exposed to asbestos at one point in their life it is critical to get to your doctor and let them test you for this deadly cancer.

 Source: Mesothelioma Resource Online

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