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What my clients say

Belle has supported me through a very long year of cancer treatment. I am convinced I tolerated my chemotherapy & radiotherapy much better because of the supplements and herbs she prescribed- not to mention the personal support I received

“Belle is a warm, empathetic, understanding naturopath. Visits to her are like visits to the family GP used to be before time, money and the pharmaceutical companies invaded their space. On leaving the calmness of her studio, I always feel as though I have been ‘heard’ and that the suggestions she has made to help my conditions are the best I could find.”

“Belle you were the first person to listen (after going to a number of doctors, who all wanted to only offer medication that would mask symptoms). You provided natural medication that truly stopped many of the things I had been tolerating for about 8 years!!!! Thank you!!!”

“Recommended for people who need that extra level of assistance and support during health issues. I have been seeing Belle for 8 years and she provides wonderful care. My continued good health can be attributed to Belle’s expertise.”

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Adelaide Naturopath | Belle McCaleb | McCaleb Health

Belle McCaleb ND, RN, MSS-C, BSN, AYT, Naturopath Adelaide, is an accredited & experienced Naturopath & Western Herbalist, Counsellor, Yoga Therapist and Registered Nurse specialising in women’s health and cancer support. Belle offers truly holistic care for body, heart, mind and spirit.

Belle is passionate about women’s health with advanced nursing qualifications & over 30 years experience in women’s health care include obstetrics, gynaeaecology, & infertility. She specialised in IVF for over fifteen years and was certified as a Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility Nurse Specialist in 1990. Drawing from her broad knowledge and experience base, Belle offers a truly holistic approach across the full spectrum of women’s health issues.

Belle also specialises in supportive cancer care for body, mind and spirit with a particular focus on supportive care during chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She has specialised in cancer support since 2003, is a Life Member of Cancer Care Centre and was their Consultant Naturopath for seven years.

Belle offers a truly holistic approach to your health and wellness combining her understanding of conventional medicine with naturopathy, nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, counselling, yoga and yoga therapy.

She is a Registered Nurse and is accredited by The Australian Traditional Medicine Society, Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia. She is also listed on the Australian Register of Naturopaths & Herbalists (ARONAH).

The practice

The practice is located in St Georges (Burnside area), South Australia. Appointments are available by telephoning 0432 995 470.

The approach

Belle combines her professional healthcare experience and knowledge with a compassionate, intuitive approach in order to nurture your health & well-being. She works with you to identify and address your needs on physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual levels. She offers support for all these aspects of your wellness: Naturopathic & Herbal Medicine; Counselling and Yoga Therapy. As well and most importantly time! Belle’s consultations are not brief. Her initial is up to 60 minutes and followups up to 30. Time…. to explore and discuss your health. I believe time for communication is a precious part of a healing relationship – and so I make space for it.

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Qualification Details

Registered Nurse Australia

Advanced Diploma Naturopathy

Advanced Diploma Western Herbal Medicine

Master Social Science – Counselling

Bachelor of Science (with Honours) – Nursing

Certified Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility Nurse Specialist

Graduate Diploma Peri-Natal Nursing




Member Australian Register of Naturopaths and Herbalists

Member Australian Traditional Medicine Society

Member Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia

Certificate 1 (500 hours) & II (700 hours) Hatha Yoga

Certificate Trauma Sensitive Yoga – Trauma Sensitive Yoga Australia

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