Genetic Profiling & Nutrigenomics

Genetic Profiling & Nutrigenomics brings healthcare into the 21st century!   Using a simple swab of the cheek we can now identify genetic variations in your DNA that may have implications for your general health.  The  parameters tested in FITGENES genetic profiling are those that can be influenced by diet, natural medicine and lifestyle measures such as liver health and detoxification, cardiovascular health including cholesterol management, immunity and cellular defense, fat metabolism and bone health. Although genetic makeup per se does not change, genes can often be “upregulated” or “down-regulated” with lifestyle, dietary, nutritional and herbal interventions.  This is  the science of Nutrigenomics.  We have known healthy diet and lifestyle are factors in good health  for a long time; however now with genetic profiling and targeted Nutrigenomics we can individualise our healthy diet and lifestyle for maximal wellness potential.

FITGENES offers several different test combinations so you can choose which one suits you best.  The test results will direct you to the optimal diet, nutritional & herbal medicine and lifestyle measures for YOUR genetic makeup. A full report is provided including all the recommended dietary, natural medicine and lifestyle recommendations.  The future of health care has arrived! Belle is a  FITGENES™ Certified Practitioner.

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