Detox your life for a healthy 2018! by Belle McCaleb

Every day we are confronted with toxic material that we must deal with effectively in order to stay healthy. Toxic material is naturally produced in the physical body as a by-product of many metabolic processes and we are also exposed to many toxins in our external environment such as pesticides and electronic magnetic radiation (EMR). In the psychological and/or spiritual sense many experiences both within ourselves and with others can be considered “toxic.” For example harmful thought patterns, stress full interactions, emotional turmoil and a sense of spiritual separation can all lead to suffering. For optimal health, happiness and well-being its important to “detox your life” on all these levels: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual!

The liver is usually considered the “main” detox organ but also very important are the gut, kidney, lungs and skin. Detoxification in the liver refers to very specific processes by which material deemed by the body as toxic is put through a series of biochemical changes in preparation for excretion through the urine and faeces. It is a series of steps that can be specifically supported through dietary and herbal approaches. Specifically foods such as green leafies, broccoli, carrots, beetroot and many others directly support liver detoxification pathways. Protein is also essential for liver detoxification – best sources are fish, eggs, chicken, legumes, beans, nuts, tofu and tempeh. Many herbal medicines support liver function and include St Mary’s Thistle and Andrographis. Nutritional supplements can also help including N-acetyl cysteine and “superfoods” such as spirulina, chlorella & broccoli sprouts. Many formulas containing plant based detox herbs are available but it is essential you find one that is organic. Also there are additional considerations such as potential interactions/side effects when taking concentrated detox formulas so professional advice is highly recommended particularly if it is a concentrated herbal extract formula as opposed to a food based one. One of my favourite organic food based formulas is available online at

Addressing the environmental toxins is vital – limit exposure to all pesticides, herbicides, chemical based cleaning products, chemical containing cosmetics/body products and electromagnetic radiation from TV’s, computers, wi-fi etc. Sleep as far as possible away from electrical circuits and consider investing in a device to neutralise EMR. Certainly limit carrying around your mobile and never sleep next to it. If at all possible turn off your Wi-Fi at night when sleeping. The other toxin laden item in our environment is plastics. Plastics are hormone mimickers and add to our already oestrogen-laden toxic load. Avoid using plastic, particularly heating and storing food in plastic as more xeno-estrogens leach out with the temperature changes. Plastic water bottles left in a hot car are a toxic nightmare. Read my other blog “Reduce your estrogen load” for more info on estrogen clearance.

Really give some thought to your psychological, emotional and spiritual life. Do you need to work on any patterns there that are unhealthy or “toxic”? These might include self sabotage, unhealthy relationships or life choices that result in excessive stress. Perhaps consider counselling to help you with deeper exploration. In the meantime foster life style change such as learning yoga including yogic meditation and breath practices not just the physical postures. Traditional yoga is a wonderful way to promote internal balance and a positive, peaceful mindset.

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